Psychologist & Counselling Services Melbourne

At Total Care Counselling Melbourne, we understand that many women face challenges in their life that often seem impossible to overcome. Pressures from family, work, and even society can be overwhelming and damage a woman’s mental health. Fortunately, these challenges can be met, overcome, and used to make you a stronger person. Total Care Counselling Melbourne’s mission is to help women overcome mental health challenges and improve their lives. We know that mental health issues often represent a low point in a person’s life; however, it is also an opportunity to take stock of one’s life, learn who you really are and what you want out of life. We offer a range of counselling services for the many and varied mental health problems that women face. From depression and anxiety through to relationship and family issues, we can help you meet these challenges and conquer them. All of our clients are personally looked after by psychologist Grace Azzopardi in the comforting environment of her Altona office. She offers a discreet, convenient service with appointments available on weekdays, weeknights and Saturdays.

Issue We Help With


Depression is an extended period of feeling sad, moody or low, often characterised by strong feelings of guilt, sorrow, or negative thoughts. In serious cases, depression can result in feelings of self harm and suicide. Early action is essential; if you, or someone you love, are showing signs of depressions, take action.


Stressful situations can often cause people to feel anxious; it’s a natural reaction that heightens the senses and boosts energy to meet the threat. If the anxiety continues when the threat has passed or occurs without a threat present, it can harm a person’s mental and physical well-being and help should be sought.